Reflection on the week

I have really enjoyed the grand challenges week; it has enabled me to get to know people on my course better and learn video and editing skills.

One of the main things I have learnt from this week is that working within a large team can be difficult. It was particularly hard this week when one person had an idea and could visualise it but others couldn’t see how this was going to work. For example, a couple of us wanted to hand make our map so that we could make it large and more inviting, however, some other group members couldn’t picture how this would be better than just printing one off the internet. We overcame this by making sure that everyone’s ideas for other sections were put across in the final video.

I have learnt that education is likely to be the best solution to getting more people to be food self-sufficient. This should start during schools so children are brought up growing seasonal produce, so in the future less food will have to be imported, minimising the environmental impact. Farming sustainably will also help to minimise future climate change effects, as well as providing social benefits (Unilever, 2017).


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