Thursday and Friday – editing time!!

Who knew there was so much to food self-sufficiency, the amount of footage we collected we could’ve made a feature length documentary! Despite this, on Thursday we conducted last minute interviews because we knew exactly the information we needed to fill the gaps in our video that we could obtain from the interviewees. The interviews were kept concise to enable the editing process to be quicker; this I felt went well due to our initial storyboard planning at the beginning of the week which we mostly stuck to.

“The big edit” was also carried out on Thursday. We underestimated just how long the editing process would take because we didn’t start until late in the day and by Friday lunchtime we were rushing to get our film finished. Had we begun this process a little earlier we might have been able to make the film “fancier” by including more transitions as some clips I felt were a little abrupt. To speed up editing we had multiple people cutting down interviews, one person making the final video and another writing voiceovers. However, given the circumstances, I think we worked well as a team through delegating different tasks to be more efficient.



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