Wednesday – Eden Project

Today’s outing was to the Eden Project; after a tour we took part in various activities. One involved different events in time, such as the invention of Tupperware, which we had to sort into the various decades from the 1930s to 2010s. This activity really made us think and have active discussions within our groups. There were a couple of disagreements requiring a little more discussion, however, we managed to come to a general conclusion to create a bottom heavy diagram, thinking the majority of the events occurred from the 80s onwards when in fact it should have been top heavy with many more events occurring in the 40s.

The sorting activity

The afternoon gave us a chance to interview Dan Ryan about his opinion on education as a method of changing people’s attitudes to food self-sustainability. According to Hickman once people try growing their own food and can see the “fruits of their labour” they become hooked for life (2008). Our interactive activity with visitors at Eden generally went well, however, if we had more time then we could have involved more people to get a more varied set of responses and a larger sample size.

2017-06-14 13.55.53
Interactive map activity

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