Tuesday – Padstow

Today’s research location was Padstow lobster hatchery and Padstow town. When at the lobster hatchery we learnt about how they look after the lobsters before they are released back into the sea; although it wasn’t relevant for our video it was still interesting to learn about. Whilst in the town we conducted interviews with members of the public to find out their attitudes towards food self-sustainability. This I felt went well because nearly everyone we asked was willing to participate. Reflecting back I feel we adapted well because after the first interview we altered some of the questions to enable us to collect more data specific to our topic. We chose to use interviews as our primary method of data collection because it is the most direct way to collect data from a participant (Oltmann, 2016). During the interview process I took more of a backseat roll because I didn’t feel comfortable approaching members of the public, although I could have pushed myself to do this to improve my confidence. Throughout the day I was in charge of getting the participants to fill out the consent forms.

2017-06-13 12.07.17
Three members of my group conducting an interview with a member of the public

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