Monday – storyboarding

Today started with the module intro and us pitching our ideas to the rest of the Grand Challenges participants to get feedback. This session was helpful because staff gave us some more ideas to think about, such as suggesting more people to speak to, for example Dan Ryan at the Eden Project who is interested in education. I think that education is the biggest “solution” to our issue of local food in a global market. Many people aren’t aware of benefits of growing their own food other than being better for the environment. There are many health benefits, for example through growing it yourself you will be including more fresh fruit and veg into your diet and there is more control over when the food is harvested; veg grown commercially is often picked early whereas if they are left to ripen in the garden then they will contain more nutrients (Godman, 2012). The later point is one that most people would never have thought about so I feel more education about the benefits of food self-sustainability need to be implemented. Growing your own food provides exercise and fresh air which have been shown to make people feel happier (Filipski, 2016).


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