More project planning

Now we have a more solidified plan of what we are aiming to achieve during the grand challenges week. Peoples attitudes towards food self-sufficiency is going to form the basis of our video. Our research questions are going to be: do people consider the impact their food has on the environment, why people don’t grow their own food and do they want to be more self-sustainable. I think these questions are fairly broad so we may not be able to investigate very deep into these ideas. However, I think looking at whether people know how much of an impact their food has on the environment could form the background information for our video to help introduce our topic. Not only looking at if people are aware of how far their food has travelled but also into food waste; in 2015 £13 billion worth of edible food was thrown away (Moore, 2017).


I am predicting that our findings from carrying out interviews will show that people simply can’t be bothered to start becoming self-sufficient as it is too time consuming, they don’t have enough space and also because they wouldn’t want to be restricted to seasonal foods.


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