Looking ahead to the Grand Challenges week

My first thought is excitement. I am looking forward to getting to know people on my course who I haven’t worked with before to create a video.

We are feeling confident about the challenge week because we’ve finally settled on self-sufficiency being our research area. This decision took a little bit of time because there are so many issues surrounding the broad topic of ‘food for thought’. However, we all agreed that food self-sufficiency is becoming more common now but there are still issues with it. We have yet to allocate specific tasks for the week because we need to refine our topic down further to work out exactly what we would like to research.

The picture below shows initial ideas for the video. They include interviewing lecturers, who are at the forefront of this topic and know the implications surrounding self-sufficiency, to see what their opinions are. We have also considered getting members of the public to guess where particular food produce has come from to see how far their food has travelled. This would be a good idea because most people haven’t considered where there food is coming from or buying seasonal produce grown in the UK.

Grand challenges mind map


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